Suzie Hacker – designer, creator & maker of things…

Suzie Hacker – designer, creator & maker of things…

Pitches: VSO, Revlon & more

Digital projects & pitches for large companies and well known clients. From concepts to multi-channel websites.

Digital design pitch for VSO 2010 (we won!)

PITCH 2010 - REVLON for Apply Some Glamour campaign to include a Revlon Apply some Glamour You Tube channel.

REVLON - Glamour You Tube Channel

REVLON - How to channel

PITCH - This was a fun project! Creative lead for Agent Provocatour web re-design proposal, offering 2 routes into site. One for the playful and adventurous and one for those who want shop straight away.

  • Role Concept, art direction & production of graphics

  • For Art direction, Pitches, layouts

  • Type Webpage layouts and email design

Up Next:

Exhibition Design for COI