Suzie Hacker – designer, creator & maker of things…

Suzie Hacker – designer, creator & maker of things…

Anobii Books UI & Design (now Sainsburys ebooks)

Anobi – a start up, online book collections and e-books.
Role: Enhance and improve branding of this site for book lovers and ebook retailer.
Developing its online brand, Reader Apps, Mobile and tablet.
Creating an instantly recognisable brand. Improving user journey, creating a clean and simple design so to let the beautiful art of book covers sing out! Design then simply skinned/re-coloured for Sainsburys ebooks when they took over anobii.

Tablet, mobile e-reader and website design of Anobii. Anobii was an online book collection and e-books, (it became Sainsburys ebooks in 2013)

Anobii - Topic page, 'topics' are created by the users of Anobii. This page shows all books listed in the topic 'Must read books from the last decade'. Topics help you to discover new books in a way you would not be able to elsewhere. This is unique to Anobii at this time.

Anobii – Author page,this page shows all books by the listed Author and all the ‘Topics’ that his books appear in.

Anobii - books by Authour, view show the Author Rankin

Final book detail page layout viewed on a tablet

Showing my design evolution of the profile page.

Anobii ebook reader - design proposal for Android and iphone

Anobii current reader app - library view

Current app reader - book page view

Evolution of design of the book detail page

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